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Over 20 years’ Sales Marketing experience within small to medium enterprises, we provide tailored marketing services and advice to local Companies in the Hull area help you achieve rapid, sustainable growth.

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Promotional Marketing

Use traditional marketing methods of promote your products to your target market. These activities are proven to be successful and can include direct mail, exhibitions and newsletters.


Digital & Social Media

Generate leads and increase brand awareness through digital promotion activities such as Website, Automated E-Marketing, Social Media and SEO / SEM.



Enable a proactive approach to customer service and create a unique buying experience to drive your sales and increase your profitability.

Forecasts, Plans &


Actively plan for and set SMART objectives to leverage sales through executing aggressive campaigns and marketing activities.

Reports &


To reach your objectives your marketing department must understand campaign activity success and returns on investment to abandon or improve upon bad campaigns quickly and keep successful ones running smoothly.

Tactics &


Tactics and strategies to communicate how well your offering fills the needs and wants of the target niche in the fastest or most efficient routes to increased sales.

Drive Customers To You

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing can be a cost-effective inbound strategy to draw customers to your products and services or to promote your brand. It is essential to long term success.
It centres around an organic production of content that is highly relevant to your targeted audience. It is communicated via digital communication methods such as website, automated emails, informative articles, blogs etc.
To drive traffic one may also use marketing techniques such as search engine optimisation, pay-per-click advertising, online advertising and statistics analysis.

Automated Email Campaigns

Automate your emails to add to or replace personal follow ups with designs and messages relevant to the call-to-action.

Google Adwords / PPC

Google Adwords is Search Engine Marketing (SEM) that promotes your website by increasing their rankings in the results.

Google Analytics

Setup and produce the reports to analyse your website statistics including visitors and page requests via Google Analytics.

Website Design & Hosting

Create a responsive, engaging website that aligns with your brand and other communications and is content rich to assist your inbound sales.

Social Media Marketing

Improve your brand presence, promote your products and services and attract new customers via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other networks.

SEO & Search Engine Marketing

Optimise your website to give your website the best chance of being placed as high as possible in the rankings against your primary keywords.

Content Writing

Create original, relevant content rich communications that your audience will value and benefit from reading delivered through emails, blogs, newsletters etc.

Reputation Management

The reputation of your brand is essential to attracting new customers and increasing sales in todays market where your audience will judge you at the click of a button based on what other people have said.

Digital Re-Marketing

Remarket to your audience by communicating images and videos via the Google Display Network once they have visited your site.

Put Your Message Out There


Outbound marketing is the method of attracting sales and customer interest through more traditional promotional activities as shown below. It is often larger in its scope and can be more expensive ROI however some suggest more dynamic and effective as it reaches a broader audience.

Eye Catching

Signage & Vehicle Livery

Project a professional image and make the most of your available advertising space with cost effective building & vehicle signage.


Branding & Logo Design

Influence your customers and show your business credibility through your a clear logo and consistent brand communication.

Impress With

Literature & Brochures

Purposeful, targeted sales literature and brochures with a clear message that allows the reader to understand the benefits of being your customer.


Media & PR Relations

PR and Media can be a very cost effective and credible tool to help attract new business and raise general awareness of your company.

Cost Effective

Direct Mail Promotion

Part of your cohesive effective marketing program Direct Mail still delivers highly targeted and tailored messages to a more established marketplace.

Meet Face To Face

Events & Exhibitions

Meet face to face your potential customers that you would otherwise struggle to speak to that are interested in your products and services.

High In Content

Newsletters & Case Studies

Build your relationship with your target market by communicating product and service, business and personal information that they will be interested in reading.

Add Persuasion

Point Of Sale Display

Convince prospective customers to buy by promoting the benefits, prices and features in an attractive, brand consistent manner.

Forecasts, Plans & Objectives

Promotional objectives are goals businesses set to build a customer base while promoting awareness of their brands and building sustainable sales and profits through marketing campaigns. Marketing departments need to be ready to actively and strategically execute aggressive campaigns, leveraging tools, such as mass media, Internet and direct mail advertising, to implement informed marketing strategies and grow sales for the company.

Budget Management

Market Forecasts

Marketing Plans

Best Practices & Procedures

Plans to Increase Sales

Brand Awareness Objectives

Launch New Products or Services

Objectives to Enter New Markets


Sales enablement is crucial to your organisation as it increases profitability from your customers by maximising the benefits they receive from the activities of your sales force.

Product knowledge, using the sales systems correctly and efficiently, customer service and effective sales management wins customer support and trust which turn into more and larger value sales.

Sales Management & KPI’s

Increase revenue and profitability by determining the management, direction and key performing indicators of the sales team.

Marketing Information Systems

Collect, store and organise your important market data than can be easily viewed and analysed to plan and control sales activities.

Tele Sales & Field Sales

The personal sales approach that allows you to assess the potential customers needs and convince them into giving a positive, immediate response.

Account Management

Create long term relationships with your most significant customers that ensures client retention and continually increases the order revenue.

Mentoring & Training

Give your sales and marketing team the skills to meet their objectives.

Leads & Tenders

Dramatically maintain clicks-and-mortar solutions without function.

Campaign Specific Reports & Analysis

Sales Revenue Reports & Analysis

Marketing Channel Specific Reports & Analysis

Lead Generation Reports & Analysis

Team Work Performance Reports & Analysis

Sales Opportunity Pipeline Reports & Analysis

ROI Reports & Analysis

Customer Analysis

Marketplace Analysis

SWOT Analysis

Reports & Analysis

By eliminating anecdotal guesswork, scheduling regular reports and analysing the data will allow you to get answers and make decisions fast.

Evaluation of past and current sales and marketing activities to be more efficient, find areas of improvement, understand what things aren’t working, identify sales opportunities and plan for future performance.

Tactics &

It is challenging to determine what strategies and tactics you should adopt to compete effectively and grow your market position. We help you develop the best strategies and tactics that fit with your business.

Target Marketing

Ensure a higher return on investment and generate more quality leads with tailored messages.

Core Strategy

Define the most effective activities that will increase sales in the faster manner.

Market Segmentation

Divide your marketplace into different subsets such as geography or demography in order to make target marketing possible.

Affiliate Marketing

Increase the number of market channels by establishing links with affiliates that have a similar customer base that will sell and promote your product for a return.

Relationship Marketing

Develop listening and service relationships with your customers rather than sales to make them feel important and to cement long term links.

Customer Loyalty & Retention

Implement company wide tactics that extol the importance of customer loyalty and retention through implementing service sovereignty and behaviour.

Database Marketing

Sell to and engage with your market easily through database and CRM marketing. Manage and administrate correctly allows you to monitor and carry out campaigns directly.

Network Marketing

Develop a larger distribution channel by establishing a network of commission based resellers backed by support, training, motivation and business systems.

Partnerships and Alliances

Build committed profitable partnerships and alliances with businesses with a similar strategic portfolio fit that leads to innovate joint solutions and a strengthening of competitive edge.

Our clients say

We Make It Better

Dramatically visualize customer directed convergence without revolutionary ROI. Quickly deploy strategic networks with compelling e-business.
Sage UK

Christian Taylor

Scott has always been very knowledgeable. He approaches everything with a “can do“ attitude. I have worked with Scott for over 4 years at Sage. He always got the most from his team. His services would be an asset to any growing progressive business!

A New Beginnings

Mandi Weymes

Scott is great at what he does. He’s been helping me promote the main parts of my business. He listens, supports & suggests ways of doing things that I wouldn’t have thought to do before. Well recommended.
Broadgate Health & Safety

Mark Dalton

Scott combines a structured approach to Marketing with great creativity and boundless ideas.
Window World

Danny Clarke

I’m really excited about where my business will be in the foreseeable future thanks to the help from Vavinta. Scott has worked tremendously hard to help me develop our Sales, Marketing, Operations within my business. His advice is endless.
Hull City Council

Michelle Hazelwood

Scott provides great help in devising, implementing and carrying out Marketing plans campaigns. I have worked with him for 10 years with exceptional results. He is a trustworthy professional that I would happily recommend to any local ambitious business.
Willerby Hill

Rob Coates

Scott is able to create meaningful and business focused Marketing strategies that energise the Sales process across Sales channels. I have no hesitation in recommending him to organisations who need a decisive, highly experienced Sales Marketing Consultant.
Virtual Networking

Scott Clark

Having previously spent a lot of money with marketing consultants and business growth coaches I have found Scott offers a fresh approach. For starters he wants to save you money. Having worked together for a few months now we are already starting to see the results. Scott has an excellent knowledge of marketing, business and business processes but his real strength is in the implementation. Put it simple he gets stuff done..! I would not hesitate to recommend Scott, and look forward to working with him long term.
NEC Services

Lee Edmonds

Vavinta has helped us put the marketing plans & structure in place to market ourselves effectively and get more sales. He is easy to work with and assisted us greatly. Highly recommended

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